Dawn assists clients, teams and organizations in increasing self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management so they are EQuipped to bring about change in themselves and their organizations. Clients have achieved significant results in:

  • Self Management
  • Leadership Presence
  • Employee Engagement
  • Influence
  • Trust and Credibility
  • Time Management
  • Developing and Retaining Top Talent
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Collaboration

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Case Studies

Bullying Micromanager Learns to Unleash Team’s Potential

David was the Regional Vice President of the largest division in his national organization.  Statistically, his region was outperforming every other region by a whopping 35% in terms of revenue generation.  Unfortunately it was also leading the company in turnover – six key employees in the last year – all citing him as the reason. Upon interviewing David’s boss, peers, and direct reports, a pattern emerged.  David was indeed an intellectual superstar who knew the business better than anyone, yet he lacked some key emotional intelligence skills.  He was very direct, had no tolerance for subpar performance, was quick to find flaws in employee successes, and his feedback included comments like, “If you do that again, I’ll cut you off at the knees.”           Read more…


CFO Closes Generation Gap to Motivate Team

This was one of the fastest turnarounds in DayBreak’s coaching history.  Susan, a newly appointed CFO, was ready and open to ideas for solving her problem when she came looking for an executive coach.  She was having difficulty in motivating her new team.  In just shy of three months, one of her seven people resigned due to ‘differing work styles.’  In Susan’s mind, it was more like differing work ethics.  She believed in hard work and it seemed the individual who left believed in hardly working.      Read more…


Engineering Manager More than Quadruples Leadership Responsibility

This is the story of an engineer who went from getting in his own way to showing others the way.  If you’ve ever gotten in your own way, you’ll relate to his story.

Richard was bored.  He was an engineer who had been promoted to manager over a team of four. Being a manager was exciting at first, but after a few months he realized the job didn’t challenge him. He felt he was still being underutilized. You know that feeling, right? That you could do so much more if they’d just give you the reigns?          Read more…


Shooting Star Detoured Derailment

Jack was a high potential actuary on the fast track to a senior level leadership role.  He was brilliant and everyone knew it – he made sure of that. But his 6’2”, 250 lb. stature, coupled with his in-your-face intensity, became a stumbling block.  Plus he was prone to emotional outbursts when others failed to meet his high standards.  His peers, management and even some clients found him intimidating.  The junior associates he was responsible for mentoring rarely approached him.   He was derailing his own career.                 Read more…


Overwhelmed Attorney Finds Time to Cast a Vision

Jennifer, an attorney responsible for a team of five, was overwhelmed by the back-to-back meetings, hundreds of daily emails and constant attention required by her employees. Her days were filled with non-stop interactions, whether by phone, email or in person.  She was completely drained by the end of the day – at 7 pm.  Sound familiar?  Always the one to take on extra projects, her boss loved her.  Always available to provide detailed instruction, her team loved her.  But Jennifer had no work/life balance, she’d become about all work and no play.  Even so, she had no time at work to strategize her vision for her team.  She knew what she had to do. It was time to hire a leadership coach. Read more…