Overwhelmed Attorney Finds Time to Cast a Vision

Jennifer, an attorney responsible for a team of five, was overwhelmed by the back-to-back meetings, hundreds of daily emails and constant attention required by her employees. Her days were filled with non-stop interactions, whether by phone, email or in person.  She was completely drained by the end of the day – at 7 pm.  Sound familiar?  Always the one to take on extra projects, her boss loved her.  Always available to provide detailed instruction, her team loved her.  But Jennifer had no work/life balance, she’d become about all work and no play.  Even so, she had no time at work to strategize her vision for her team.  It was time to hire a leadership coach.

After just one session, Jennifer was able to recognize her contribution to her stress.   Her fear of letting others down was driving her to over commit. That self awareness ‘aha moment’ paved the way for her to make some leadership style adjustments. She learned that saying no to others meant saying yes to her commitment to become a better, more balanced leader.  That’s a difficult shift to make for most of us because we feel compelled to satisfy others to provide good service.  It feels a little selfish.  Can you relate?

Over the course of a few weeks, Jennifer

  • explained to her boss why she would no longer be volunteering for extra projects,
  • developed a database for her team so they had access to her knowledge without needing to access her,
  • re-evaluated the meetings she was attending and delegated several to her employees,
  • set aside time to take lunch….alone.  Turns out Jennifer was an introvert in an extrovert’s job and she needed some alone time to recharge during the day.

As a result of Jennifer’s increased self awareness and self management techniques, both EQ competencies, she now has time during the workday to create and cast a vision for her team and she has time after work to connect with her friends and family.  Last I heard she’d even started dating again.