The BEST Reason Yet to Use a Coach

I was talking today with a coaching client’s manager about progress on the coachee’s action plan and she echoed a challenge that I’ve heard so many times before.  She said that their culture is one of mass chaos, everything is moving so fast all the time and you never have time to stop and just think.  All of these thoughts were rolling around in her head in disarray but she couldn’t find the time to reflect and organize them into a plan of action.  In speaking with me, she was able to get her thoughts out with an objective third party who can be trusted not to share them and help her sort through what she really needed to do to move the situation forward.  What she didn’t realize is that she’d just been coached!

The latest statistics show the number one reason executives hire a coach is to just have someone listen to them.   Someone who holds a space for them to reflect and pontificate without judgment or ulterior motive – other than to help them succeed.  Someone who holds them accountable for making time to strategize their work week instead of just reacting to it.

Do you have someone like that?  Someone whose sole focus is you and your success?  Can you imagine how your life would be better if you did?   Think about it.

Girl Looking Up Pensively

Thank you for reading and remember, it’s your choice to make it a great day.

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