Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

David Mafe, SPHR is the Vice President of Human Resources at Emory Healthcare and the featured leader this month for Taking Leadership to Heart.  His team will tell you he is dynamic, mission focused, passionate, honest and transparent.  It’s not WIIFM, but it is WYSIWYG.  He exudes lots of personality. The most common words his team used to describe him were courageous, compassionate and empathetic.  He’s not afraid to be kind. Yet he is no softy either.  He appears to be fearless in the eyes … [Read more...]

If You Build It, They Will Come

Steve Jobs had it, Oprah Winfrey has it, Anthony Robbins has it in spades.  Executive Presence is something we know it when we see it.  But when it comes to discerning it in ourselves, sometimes we struggle.  Is it charisma, dressing for success or having a strong brand that people relate to? The answer is….yes, it’s all of that…and more.  I recently had the pleasure of presenting a seminar on Executive Presence to several individuals in career transition.  Over the past several years, many of … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

  This month’s featured leader in the Taking Leadership to Heart series is Eric Adams, Senior Manager -Business Operations for Verizon Wireless.  As we look at his leadership style, you will see there are some commonalities with the others leaders who employ emotional intelligence – the first of which is transparency.  When I asked Eric about emotional intelligence, this was his response.I haven’t always had emotional intelligence.  For example, when I moved to the south, I discovered people … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

As we continue our “Taking Leadership to Heart” series, certain emotional intelligence behavioral patterns are starting to emerge.  See if you can spot the commonalities among the leaders who’ve been featured.This month we are spotlighting Marian Anderson, Human Resources Director at Edwards Lifesciences.  When I asked her to reflect on her definition of emotional intelligence, she said:“Emotional intelligence is about me being aware of my emotions.  My emotional state is magnified by my … [Read more...]

What can Millennials (and we) Learn from Marshmallows?

Imagine you are four years old.  You are sitting in a room with a friendly adult who puts a marshmallow on the table in front of you.  He tells you that you may eat the marshmallow right now, or if you can wait until he returns from a quick errand, he will give you another marshmallow and you may eat two.  What would you do?This is exactly what the researchers at Stanford University did in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s to study delayed gratification, a form of self-control.  The initial … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

Do you remember the ending of The Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio?  Did you think Rose went to sleep and dreamed she saw Jack extending his hand or did she die and see him?  My friend and I saw it together and one of us thought she died while the other thought she was dreaming.We interpret things our own way.  For that reason, I like to ask leaders their interpretation of emotional intelligence (EQ).  This month’s featured leader in Taking Leadership to Heart, Tricia Dempsey, the … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

This month in the EQ Leaders Series we are featuring Tom Darrow, Founder and Principal at Talent Connections, LLC and Career Spa and 2015-2016 Chair, and SHRM Foundation Board of Directors.When I mentioned to Tom that I wanted to spotlight him for his EQ, he responded, “I’ve been asked how I’m so GQ but never about my EQ.”  If you know Tom, you know he is always ready with a witty - and often self-depreciating -  comeback.  Humor is a great EQ skill and one that would benefit all … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

Our first leader to be featured in this 'Taking Leadership to Heart' series is the Kabbagehead, Rob Frohwein.   His title is not just a play on words; it’s part of the Kabbage culture. There are no titles at Kabbage unless you are the head of a functional area.  Then you get to be the ‘Head’ of that area.  The philosophy behind no titles is that Kabbage is a community – a family if you will – of individuals from all walks of life.  All races and religions, including atheist and agnostic, are … [Read more...]

Can “No problem” Create a Problem?

I was recently inquiring about a rental property of what appeared to be a vacant house.  The owner replied to my text saying the property would not be available for two months and not to disturb the current tenant.  I responded that I was surprised because the photos were all of empty rooms and that, of course, I would not reach out to the tenant. Then I thanked him for responding. (I’ve learned many people don’t respond.)  He simply replied, “NP.”  As I considered his “no problem’’ response, it … [Read more...]

Do You Know When You’re Getting In Your Own Way?

Self awareness is a beautiful thing.  However, the challenge to acknowledge you need to increase self awareness is daunting. Most of us go along our merry way without giving thought to how we may be getting in our own way with limiting beliefs, unconscious fears or simply a lack of emotional intelligence.  How do we even begin to check in with ourselves and look for opportunities to grow?Probably the easiest way is recognize it in others.  It’s much safer and less threatening to observe … [Read more...]