Integrate Emotional Intelligence into Your Return-to-Work Program

Returning to work presents a variety of considerations, including the emotional thermostat of your office. If you want to set a good emotional temperature for your employees, there are a few things you can do.Do a Self-CheckCheck in on your own emotional state.  How are you doing with the transition back to the office?  Or, if you are continuing to work remotely, how are you handling that?  Your emotional state drives your ability to keep yourself motivated, as … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

  This month’s featured leader in the Taking Leadership to Heart series is Eric Adams, Senior Manager -Business Operations for Verizon Wireless.  As we look at his leadership style, you will see there are some commonalities with the others leaders who employ emotional intelligence – the first of which is transparency.  When I asked Eric about emotional intelligence, this was his response.I haven’t always had emotional intelligence.  For example, when I moved to the south, I discovered people … [Read more...]

About to Freak Out? Get the Wrigley’s!

When I was in college I hated Algebra. To this day I don’t know why I had to learn it; I never use it. Whenever I had to take a test, I had to – and I mean HAD TO – chew gum. Somehow it helped me do better on the test. I figured it was some sort of stress reliever because I was chomping my teeth together, but I didn’t know there was science behind it.Apparently chewing gum lowers the stress hormones in your body so it helps reduce stress. The increased blood flow to your brain also keeps you … [Read more...]