Our best clients are…

CEOs looking to maximize their leadership team’s effectiveness but find managing their teams a daunting task, especially on top of all their other responsibilities.  It’s not uncommon for leaders to work in silos, putting their own teams and agendas first.  As a result, the executive team is not cohesive and lacks collaboration necessary to successfully drive the organization’s business objectives.   If the leaders don’t fully trust one another, they may withhold valuable information from each other, causing the company to pay a ‘trust tax’ if you will.  According to Stephen MR Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust, trust taxes are what we pay as a result of low trust teams, while trust dividends are what we enjoy as a result of high trust teams.

Guarded communication, hidden agendas and CYA behaviors are just a few examples of trust taxes that can cost the company dearly.  As trust increases, cost goes down and speed goes up.  The reverse is also true. ‘ Trust is the one thing that affects everything.’ Stephen MR Covey

At DayBreak Enterprises, we first seek to examine the root cause of dysfunction and then modify specific behaviors to achieve a more trusting, effective team of EQ savvy leaders.