Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

This month in the EQ Leaders Series we are featuring Tom Darrow, Founder and Principal at Talent Connections, LLC and Career Spa and 2015-2016 Chair, and SHRM Foundation Board of Directors.When I mentioned to Tom that I wanted to spotlight him for his EQ, he responded, “I’ve been asked how I’m so GQ but never about my EQ.”  If you know Tom, you know he is always ready with a witty - and often self-depreciating -  comeback.  Humor is a great EQ skill and one that would benefit all … [Read more...]

Taking Leadership to Heart – Success Stories

Our first leader to be featured in this 'Taking Leadership to Heart' series is the Kabbagehead, Rob Frohwein.   His title is not just a play on words; it’s part of the Kabbage culture. There are no titles at Kabbage unless you are the head of a functional area.  Then you get to be the ‘Head’ of that area.  The philosophy behind no titles is that Kabbage is a community – a family if you will – of individuals from all walks of life.  All races and religions, including atheist and agnostic, are … [Read more...]

Can “No problem” Create a Problem?

I was recently inquiring about a rental property of what appeared to be a vacant house.  The owner replied to my text saying the property would not be available for two months and not to disturb the current tenant.  I responded that I was surprised because the photos were all of empty rooms and that, of course, I would not reach out to the tenant. Then I thanked him for responding. (I’ve learned many people don’t respond.)  He simply replied, “NP.”  As I considered his “no problem’’ response, it … [Read more...]

Do You Know When You’re Getting In Your Own Way?

Self awareness is a beautiful thing.  However, the challenge to acknowledge you need to increase self awareness is daunting. Most of us go along our merry way without giving thought to how we may be getting in our own way with limiting beliefs, unconscious fears or simply a lack of emotional intelligence.  How do we even begin to check in with ourselves and look for opportunities to grow?Probably the easiest way is recognize it in others.  It’s much safer and less threatening to observe … [Read more...]

Multitasking Makes You Stupid, Slow and Stressed

We all have so much going on these days – tons of emails, constant texting, back to back meetings, a barrage of phone calls daily and a variety of work tasks to get done on top of it. Add to that all the social and personal pulls and it sums up to one busy life. It’s no wonder we feel the need to multitask. How else can we get it all done?The truth is productivity and intellectual capacity take a fairly significant hit when you multitask. A recent study conducted by the University of … [Read more...]

About to Freak Out? Get the Wrigley’s!

When I was in college I hated Algebra. To this day I don’t know why I had to learn it; I never use it. Whenever I had to take a test, I had to – and I mean HAD TO – chew gum. Somehow it helped me do better on the test. I figured it was some sort of stress reliever because I was chomping my teeth together, but I didn’t know there was science behind it.Apparently chewing gum lowers the stress hormones in your body so it helps reduce stress. The increased blood flow to your brain also keeps you … [Read more...]

Best way to practice emotion management? Get a puppy!

It’s been 18 years since I had a puppy. I mean a real puppy. You know, with the wonderful puppy breath and the razor sharp tiny teeth and claws? Well last week I became mother to a nine-week old Golden Retriever. Yes, that's his cute mug in the picture. This afternoon he tested my emotional management skill by tearing into my star gazer lilies. I left him outside alone for one minute while I checked an email. When I came out, he had torn through the fence barricade and was lying in a bed of … [Read more...]

How Not to Fly Off Like a 747

I just flew off the handle like a 747! Can you relate to this? When unpleasant things happen and we don’t manage our emotional impulses, it can get us in trouble. I referenced this as being cubed in my previous two posts. Daniel Goleman calls this an emotional hijack. Emotions are taking over and we act accordingly. Unfortunately our reactions don’t serve us well. In my last post we looked at three simple techniques to self regulate. In today’s post, we’ll explore something a little more in … [Read more...]

Keep Your Cool When It Gets Hot

  In my last post, I introduced the idea of getting ‘cubed’ or being simultaneously smart and stupid. These momentary lapses in judgment when our emotions squelch our logic can wreak havoc on our business and personal success.   As promised, in this post we’ll look at ways to avoid those moments.  How you can remain serene.When you were a kid and got really upset about something, what did your parents tell you to do? Take a deep breath? Count to 10? Walk away? Take a time out? It turns out … [Read more...]

Have You Been Cubed?

What was I thinking? Have you ever wondered that? Maybe right after you did something you knew you shouldn’t do, but at the time you really wanted to do it? I call that being ‘cubed’ which is short for being 'S to the third power’ or ‘S cubed’. We just become Simultaneously Smart and Stupid. We know the right thing to do but we can’t help but do the opposite.Think about the last time you were in a hurry to get to work and some idiot cut you off in traffic. You knew better than to ride his … [Read more...]