Would you rather have a root canal than give constructive feedback?

Try this:

Check in to make sure you believe the feedback is a gift to lift, either performance or morale. Your mindset has everything to do with how you come across.

Plan your conversation with: Think, Feel, Do. Before giving feedback, ask yourself three questions:
What do you want the person receiving the feedback to THINK during your feedback.
How do you want them to FEEL? What emotions do you want to elicit?
What do you want them to DO as a result of your feedback?

For example: Sales rep didn’t meet quota last month. You need him to step it up.
You want him to think his current efforts aren’t enough, he needs to step up his game, you are there to support him and help him succeed.
You want him to feel supported and empowered, not intimidated or deflated.
You want him to produce a plan to increase sales and share it with you next week.
Plan your conversation according to your answers so you’ll say what is needed to accomplish your goal.

And since empathy is the difference between compliance and commitment, add a huge dose of it.

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