Tools & Assessments

DayBreak offers a variety of tools and assessments to enable you and your team to improve your success.  Call us at 678-907-9491 or email to see which one fits your needs the best.

Here are some of our favorites.

EQ Mobile CoachTM

DayBreak is proud to offer a mobile coaching app as a complementary service to our executive coaching and leadership development.  Created by Dawn as a way to help her clients get a grip on the everyday emotional challenges faced in the workplace, it serves as an incredible in-the-moment EQ coach.   To learn more about how you can use it in your organization to help employees manage their emotions and gather valuable data to prevent departmental disasters, click here.


Check your coaching skills against our checklist of what it takes to be a great coach. Click Here to view the checklist.


Do people have a reason to follow you? Are you capable of crafting a vision, building alignment on it that vision and championing the execution of that vision? Take this self assessment and see how you measure up in terms of leadership skill.


If you just want a quick look at your EQ, take a personal inventory of your EI competencies and see where your gaps may be.  If you’re honest with yourself, you can derive some incredible insights, especially if you engage us to coach you through a development process. Take DBEQ Self™ Assessment.


Want to really know your EQ score?  Invite people in your circle of influence to assess your EI competencies and compare it to your own evaluation to see how well your perspective matches theirs.  This assessment is applicable for leaders and teams seeking personal development.

SEIP® 360

The Social + Emotional Intelligence
Profile (SEIP)® is the most comprehensive social and emotional intelligence assessment instrument on the market today, measuring 26 distinct social and emotional intelligence competencies.  The report helps you instantly see your strengths and potential vulnerabilities when it comes to social and emotional intelligence and provides practical suggestions on how you can strengthen and enhance your competencies.  It is most effective when paired with a half-day workshop that covers an introduction to social and emotional intelligence, a review of the 26 S+EI competencies, an explanation of your team’s results and an opportunity to create a development plan.

RightPath Leadership 360TM

Get a clear picture of which leadership skills you use the most and which you need to develop.  This 360 assessment gathers input from you, your manager, peers and direct reports to create a comprehensive look at your leadership abilities and identifies gaps that may be hindering your effectiveness.  This serves as an excellent starting point for creating a development plan.

Speed of Trust IndexTM – Franklin Covey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust

The Speed of Trust Index complements Stephen MR Covey’s training program, Leading at the Speed of Trust.  It helps you determine how trustworthy you and your organization are, where you are paying ‘trust taxes’ and receiving ‘trust dividends’ and how healthy your trust accounts are.

Myers Briggs Type IndicatorTM

Unequivocally the most well-known, well-respected and highly validated personality assessment on the market, you can use this self assessment to learn your personality drivers, work style, communication style and problem solving approach.  The real value is using this tool for team building sessions to build rapport, increase empathy and leverage your similarities or differences with team members.

Strengths FinderTM

Are you an Achiever, a Developer, a Strategic, a Maximizer, or well versed in the art of WOO?  Or all of the above?  Based on the book by Tom Rath, use this Gallup assessment to discover your top five talents and how to leverage them in the workplace.  This is best used in a team development session.

Communication Styles Assessment

At its most basic level, communication can be categorized by a combination of assertiveness and expressiveness, resulting in four styles.  Are you a Direct, Spirited, Amiable or Analytical communicator? Is that how your listener prefers to communicate? Demystify the communication process by understanding how you communicate and if it is the most effective communication style for your audience.

Conflict Styles Assessment

How do you handle conflict?  (No, the answer we were looking for isn’t ‘not very well’.)  There are five styles for approaching conflict, each with varying degrees of assertiveness and cooperativeness, and each having appropriate situations in which to use.  Employ this assessment to learn your preferred conflict management style, how it can be helping or hurting you, and discover how to leverage different approaches.

Powerful Skills for Today’s Leaders and Managers from World Leading EQ Practitioners, Volume 2: Leading Teams (Co-author)

Available for purchase on, this publication contains useful modules for training new managers on leadership skills.  If you need to train your people and are looking for a ‘soup to nuts’ program, this is the book for you.  It is number two in a series of three books that together provide a comprehensive training for supervisors, managers and leaders.