Adult Learning Process

You would think learning comes naturally since we have been doing it since birth. However, to be long lasting, Dawn ensures the learning process includes the following key ingredients.

Provide Motivation – We answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” We understand that you have to know why you need to know information and how it will benefit you.

Address Learning Barriers – A variety of factors can prevent you from learning, including previous learning, preconceived notions, resistance to change, lack of interest, lack of time, etc. We identify and remove those barriers so you can more easily achieve your goal.

Disseminate Information – We share what you need to know and do it clearly, concisely, and with a real world frame of reference.

Encourage Application – We give you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to a relevant business scenario.

Follow Up – We continue to reinforce what you learn in training through coaching or similar accountability sessions.

Assume Accountability – We challenge you to be accountable for changing behavior so the training has maximum impact.

Maintain Visibility – We involve the management team in the learning process so they can provide you opportunities to use what you’ve learned and see the results of your increased knowledge and skill.