Team Building

Got a dysfunctional or non-productive team? Need to improve morale and collaboration? Want them to be a high-performing team? We offer a variety of prescriptions for your team’s ailments, whether you are looking for something light and fun or thought-provoking and transforming. Either way, they will become a more cohesive, more effective team as a result.


Team Development

Dawn considers team development a comprehensive approach to building your team effectiveness.  Team building sessions are generally a one-day event, while team development is an ongoing process. We conduct team development a few ways and will adjust according to your goals.  Below are a few sample approaches to team development.

We look at leveraging each team member’s personality, work styles and problem solving approach using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a baseline.  Learning to leverage each other’s strengths rather than battle over differences is the primary goal of this team session.

Emotional Intelligence
We use EI sessions to increase self and social awareness of how team members engage best, building empathy to achieve team effectiveness. Coupled with coaching, it also enables team members to eradicate misperceptions of their peers, as well as understand how their own behavior impacts others.  This is especially helpful if your team is stuck in the ‘Storming’ stage.

Trust Building
If trust is the last thing on everyone’s to-do list, chances are the team is not performing to standards.  We provide a laser focus on the behaviors that create trust and mistrust and share the language and behaviors necessary to increase trust in team relationships.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Using Patrick Lencioni’s book as a starting point, this is an excellent tool to help executive teams learn to eliminate silos and put their executive team first, above the goals of their individual functional areas or divisions.

Team Visioning
If your team is performing to standard but either needs direction or inspiration, team visioning is an amazing exercise to achieve this.  Working together, they design their future and set goals that support the organization’s vision.

Team Building
If you are looking for something on the lighter side, games are a good way to engage team members and begin to build camaraderie. Whether you are trying to inspire trust and form relationships or just help team members get acquainted and build rapport, challenge and mystery are excellent tools to assist in the process.   However, we must offer this disclaimer:  You will be subject to having major fun!