Executive Coaching

The job of an executive is not an easy one.   Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Determining the strategic direction
  • Setting the mission and vision for the organization
  • Aligning the team to support the mission and vision
  • Coaching and motivating team leaders
  • Developing and retaining top talent
  • Ensuring bottom line profitability
  • Mitigating corporate and financial risk
  • Creating and managing high-performing teams
  • Maintaining workplace agility in response to dynamic business needs

But who is developing the executive’s leadership skills?  Who can help them see a broader perspective and challenge them to a new way of thinking? Who is available to listen objectively to their concerns with no agenda except to help them succeed?  Who is their trusted advisor?  Who helps them learn to be a better coach and mitigate derailing behaviors?


This is the role of an executive coach.  This is what Dawn Cook can do for you.