Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Our best clients are…

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who need to manage the chaos of growth.  A thriving business is both exciting and potentially challenging.  With growth often comes a variety of issues that can dilute your attention from the business you are so passionate about.  Whether you are trying to find and keep good talent, design the right marketing campaign to gain market share, network for business development or motivate the team to do more with less, it’s easy to lose sight of your original goal.  And who is your sounding board when you get overwhelmed?

Small businesses and entrepreneurs rarely have the budget for a full-fledged talent management department. You rely on hiring self-starters like yourselves to get the job done; these employees don’t need hand holding.  There is no time for that.  With limited resources, you’ve got to ‘hit it and get it’ so to speak. Unfortunately, the risk is employees give and give and give and eventually burnout.  Or the excitement of growth creates a pressure-cooker environment and tensions build, causing dissention among the ranks.

Dawn Cook becomes the trusted strategic partner to help keep you grounded and focused on your goals, while providing the guiderails for your employees to become a high functioning team.  Better communication and more collaboration are key outcomes for the owner and the team.

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