Our best clients are…

Managers  who want to amplify their management skills to become better leaders.  People don’t really want to be managed; they want to be led.  They want to be inspired, motivated, and empowered.  Think about it.  What are the traits of a great leader you’ve experienced?  What traits made you want to follow that person and give 110% for them?  It likely wasn’t because they knew how to be efficient, manage projects to deadlines or save a dollar.  It was because they made you feel good about yourself and your contributions.  They valued and appreciated what you brought to the table.  They understood that emotions drive behavior and behavior drives performance.  Using emotional intelligence in their leadership equated to increased productivity, creativity and morale.

Reality is many managers are too busy doing what they consider the real work to develop their teams.  There just isn’t time to coach or mentor folks on being the best they can be.  And there’s a strong chance they either never had management training or haven’t had much; they were good at the technical aspects of their jobs and got promoted because of it.  Talk about setting them up for failure!

Managers are the most important layer in your organization as they are the vehicle through which your initiatives get done.  Let Dawn Cook help your managers increase their effectiveness and give your bottom line a face lift.  We will set them up for success together.