Our best clients are…

Leaders who are intellectually brilliant and technically strong, yet find motivating and managing their teams a challenge.  These are the individuals who have blazed a trail up the corporate ladder; success seemed to come easy to them.  They get it – and they get it fast.   And they have no patience for others who don’t.  Incompetence drives them insane!  It can cause them to have an emotional hijack, where their emotions overrule their logic and they say or do things that are not motivating to their team.  These leaders personify the phrase, ‘smart people sometimes do dumb things.’  At DayBreak, we call it being ‘S Cubed’ (S3) or Simultaneously Smart and Stupid.

They know their business well and their performance generally exceeds expectations– except when leading others.  Being results driven, their focus is on achieving the goal, not necessarily leveraging relationships.  However, they see a larger vision for themselves.  They seek to continually improve and are open to developing themselves to play a bigger game.

To balance out their leadership style, we help them raise their self and social awareness skills and learn the intricacies of relationship management via executive coaching and development.  It’s a beautiful thing when all the pieces come together!