Most companies focus just on changing behavior, which is a symptomatic approach with short term, if any, results. DayBreak Enterprises performs a root cause analysis to identify what drives the behavior. We uncover the intention behind the action, which is a critical element for lasting behavior modification.

The net result is a culture where trust is abundant, relationships are solid, and communication is open and honest. If you work in Corporate America, you know the value of these factors to enable companies to achieve a more productive, profitable working environment.

In addition to our unique approach, we also leverage the latest trends in mobile technologies by offering our clients a mobile coaching app, EQ Mobile Coach on the day-to-day emotional challenges faced in the workplace. It enables people to identify specific challenging situations and either get coached through them or receive a best practices coaching tip. No other app on the market offers this level of customized assistance 24/7. The robust reporting feature provides predictive analytics by identifying potential trouble areas and enabling DayBreak to extinguish the flames before they ignite via targeted coaching and development. Conceptualized and created by Dawn herself, this valuable tool is offered as a complementary service to coaching and training provided. See a brief demo here.