Our best clients are…

CIOs seeking to increase efficiencies in their team’s productivity and enterprise-wide communications.

Successful team leadership requires the unique ability to synchronize three competency domains so that they work in concert.  The first domain is the intelligence quotient (IQ), which is how we process, store and apply information.  Virtually every CIO meets this requirement.  The second is technical skill, which is what we learn through education, training and life experiences.  CIOs have this part handled as well.  The third is the emotional intelligence quotient (EQ), which is how we manage relationships with ourselves and others – which, by the way, has the most impact on our ability to succeed.  Here is where it can get tricky for a Chief Information Officer.

By the very nature of their industry, CIOs are geared to focus on data and process, not people.  Their teams are largely made up of folks who do the same, excel at managing data and streamlining processes.  We help CIOs and their teams go beyond ‘geek speak’ to better engage with the rest of the organization by helping them:

  • Upgrade the team’s emotional intelligence skill set, especially empathy
  • Create scalable business communication across the enterprise
  • Improve anytime, anywhere collaboration by increasing relationship management skills
  • Increase agility and flexibility in dealing with non-IT departments
  • Design robust disaster recovery  infrastructure for the ‘put your foot in your mouth’ syndrome