Core Values

At DayBreak, we hold our core values near and dear and work relentlessly to uphold them. They are:

  • Trust – Trust affects every aspect of our business. It is the foundation upon which our client relationships are built. Without it, we will not succeed.
  • Integrity – Our clients need to know that we will ‘do the right thing’ every time.
  • Empathy – To truly serve our clients, we must be able to fully understand and empathize with their challenges.
  • Accountability – We hold ourselves and our clients accountable for achieving our mutual goals.
  • Service – Delivering superior service to our clients is non-negotiable.
  • Development – We strongly believe that development is an ongoing process, especially when it comes to strengthening our own skills.

By delivering on our core values we become more than just another executive coach; we become a trusted business partner and strategic leadership advisor.